Business VoIP Solutions & Cloud PBX Hosting

What is VoIP?

Business VoIP solutions and Cloud PBX hosting (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a great cost saving solution that, in it's most basic description, allows your organisation to make calls over the internet. This may sound very intimidating, but rest assured Gemini IT Solutions will make this a seamless part of your daily operations.

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Our business VoIP solutions and cloud PBX hosting services are reliable and can be customized to fit any organization. Request a onsite demonstration and we will gladly show you the quality and reliability of our services.


Easy installation

Small to medium office setups can be configured in just 1 day. No cables to be laid to your office.

Month to month agreements

No lengthy agreements. All agreements can be altered with a calendar months notice.

Port your number

We will port your existing landline number to our network. It will always belong to you.

HD voice quality

High definition voice quality on all of our business VoIP solutions. This is our promise.

Fast response time

SLA included in all of our business VoIP solutions. Quality service with an excellent response time.

In house management

We manage all of our services in house. You will never deal with any 3rd party.

IVR answering

Interactive voice response answering system available. Route your calls to the correct department.


Easy to use voicemail available on all of our hosted cloud PBX solutions.

Call recording

You have the option to record every call by default or start and stop recording at any stage.

Monthly cost saving

Start saving from the 1st month. Enjoy our lower business VoIP line rental, call rates and cloud PBX hosting monthly rental solutions.

Cloud PBX hosting

Our cloud PBX hosting protect you from unnecessary cost replacing damaged equipment.

Custom features

Customize you cloud PBX. From custom destination shortcut keys to loads more.

Business VoIP Solutions pricing starts from...


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