Network Deployment

Deployment, in the context of network administration, refers to the process of setting up a new computer or system to the point where it ready for productive work in a live environment.

Gemini IT Solutions will provide and provision equipment to maintain, grow or improve on your existing network. We pride ourselves in being experts in configuring network solutions from the ground up for start up companies based on your unique needs.

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Why choose us?

  • We have quite an extensive number of experiences in the IT industry
  • We specialize in Network Security, Web Development Solutions and many other services
  • Gemini IT Solutions prides itself in providing a wide range of cost-effective solutions with skilled and qualified staff.


Other Attributes that sets us apart:

  • Our services are completely scalable from a small home office to a large corporate company.
  • Value-added services - Anything from a monthly cost saving service to a preventative maintenance service to extend the life of your equipment or prevent the loss or damage of critical information.

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